Stevenage Old Town Decision Brings a Mixed Response

I was out in the Old Town on Saturday night and the decision to run there is creating buzz. Someone actually said she thought it was “awesome”. Possibly the first (and likely last) time Stevenage Liberal Democrats have been described as such.

And when I was out shopping on Sunday a complete stranger said, “Hello Tim,” That’s something I always find disorientating.

So we are getting somewhere. Next job is to decide a campaigns theme.

I am just off to the campaign kick-off meeting in a pub in the Old Town. In fact, we held most of last year’s Chells campaign meetings in pubs in the Old Town. The Old Town is home.

The more I think about it, the better the Old Town decision is. Team building is our main priority at the moment. So the fact that I know quite a few people who live in the Old Town is another plus. We might be able to build a decent team here.

Everyone I’ve discussed the Old Town campaign with is enthusiastic. The notable exception is Robin Parker, the leader of the Lib Dems on Stevenage Borough Council.

When I last saw him last Thursday, he was still harping on about why he thinks the campaign should be run in Longmeadow and not The Old Town. I do not understand why he is so concerned. He obviously has no intention of getting involved. In an email he sent me he said:

I assume that none of this e campaign will detract in any way from our efforts in Manor and Chells.

But how could we do that? I know they had a leaflet drop in planned for the summer, but I no one I know living in Chells has seen one yet.

And to be completely honest there was no serious campaigning in Manor or Chells until March 2011 for the May 2011 elections.

No doubt all will become clear at the next executive meeting on the 15 September.